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Aaron Bachelder is a composer, songwriter, educator, and multi-instrumentalist residing in North Carolina. A composer of experimental, process-oriented electronic works as well as songs that largely defy categorization, he has also served as drummer and percussionist for acclaimed bands Clare Fader and the Vaudevillains; the Darnell Woodies; and currently, the legendary Eugene Chadbourne. Additionally he has performed and/ or recorded with Choptsicks, Jeffrey Dean Foster, Martha Bassett, violin soloist Sarah Johnson, and many others. Founder and director for eighteen years of the Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble (ECPE), he revolutionized what music-making with adults with developmental disabilities could be, challenging audience expectations through performances and recordings. He has spoken on his work with the group at professional conferences from Florida to New York, and received both the Winston-Salem Foundation’s ECHO Award and the NC ARC’s Teacher of the Year Award. With the Spool Ensemble, Bachelder has made improvised music as percussionist and electronic musician for over twenty years. His music has been recorded on Albany International, Microearth Records, and other labels. Additionally, he has written music for commercials, documentaries, and early childhood educational computer gaming systems. In 2015, he served as co-producer (as well as performer) of Microfest Winston-Salem, presented by the American Festival of Microtonal Music. Most importantly, he is a father, husband, and companion to dogs.





‘Semi-Automatic Music’ by Aaron Bachelder, reviewed on “A very odd listen indeed but something I enjoyed as I never heard much like it before. Overall a great double disc for someone new to Aaron Bachelder and something fans of ambient I think would enjoy more as this is "non-harsh and unautomated indeed!""


‘Three Electronics’ by the Spool Ensemble, reviewed on “the three tracks on here appeared to originate in some far-removed alien and incomprehensible dimension”


‘Nomos’ by Aaron Bachelder, written for and performed by violinist Sarah Johnston and the ECPE, on "[it] might as well be for electronics, the use of the instruments is so sonically interesting"


   American Record Guide described it as "delicate" and "unfailingly attractive".


   Dr. Eugene Chadbourne, writing in, called it "what makes this CD really special" and "inspired" (3 stars).


Of the ECPE’s ‘Three Pieces', Eugene Chadbourne (again in wrote: "the project is noble, virtuous, and capable of inflicting great genius on tobacco country... the opening 'Parallax' marks promising artistic heights" (3 1/2 stars).


   GoTriad called it "mesmerizing" and "hypnotically lush music" and stated that "the band layers soundscape upon soundscape, leaving me sifting through each listen, finding new and gorgeous elements to discover".


Of the ECPE’s Ten Songs, says "Ten Songs is a well conceived and very well executed album that rewards multiple listens" and "so varied its like listening to a chameleon... we've all heard music like this before, but not quite like this".


   Southeast Performer magazine notes that the album "achieves more and more after each and every listen. Another travel through the album reveals more layers to the seemingly unending attention to detail that has been paid to many different aspects of ECPE's music... the harmony and technical quality of Ten Songs is an achievement indeed".


   Yes! Weekly says "an overall eclectic and rich sound... perfect background music to dream or fantasy".


Of the ECPE’s last performance with Bachelder, Triad City Beat said, “The Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble opened the block party with a set of dreamy instrumentals that suggested a soundtrack to a pensive indie film.”

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