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The Spool Ensemble was formed in 1994 by Aaron Bachelder: drums, marimba, vibes, percussion; Michael Thomas Jackson: clarinet, percussion; and Joel Lambdin: violin; in order to create a completely free-improvised contemporary chamber music. Following Joel’s departure in 2000, the remaining duo began to focus more and more on electronics, while still incorporating clarinet and percussion. The group has performed with Eugene Chadbourne, Jack Wright, Dave Eggar, XDUGEF, Brian Osbourne, Lathan Hardy,  Chimera Physical Theater, and many others; participated in The American Festival Of Microtonal Music, No Future Fest III, and The Charleston Improvised Music Festival; given a workshop on improvisation at The Governor's School of North Carolina; and has recorded extensively (Heat Retention Records, Primecuts, and self-released recordings). 


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